The Pope of Motels by Kara McMullen


 I learned early on that if you’re going to care, like, truly care about something, you really just can’t let other people in.  You have to create a sanctuary inside yourself, where you keep a tiny person who is what you would be like if the world were a different place.  It’s your job to keep that person safe, and the internet can ruin that.  Maybe you know about the new thing, where the providers of a service rate the consumers of that service? If you want to become a person who is the Pope in your field, you can’t read those reviews.  

Two Poems by Claire/Spike Dougherty


Does Billy know and does Billy know what it looks like? Do you know Billy? Do you know, Billy? If it’s only me and Billy in a room, does she care if she sees? Did you expect Billy to be a he? Is he a man? Can he dilate?