Two Poems by Devin Kelly


I’m still trying to figure out. Look/ at the sky. It’s so big & so full of color./ Imagine if it fell. Imagine if it hurt.

MDwM #30 by Gilmore Tamny

My Days with Millicent by Gilmore Tamny, Prose

Stuffed birds, small cat; Ramona waits for news of Millicent’s looming trial, Lucy (Helvstead housekeeper) comes to London, and the mystery of the body in the cellar and ignominious truth of the story behind it are revealed; illegal production of cheese; the mystery of the postcard writer is discussed and remain tantalizingly insoluble; Millicent and Ramona meet.

Two Poems by Marcus Slease

Poetry, Prose

Did you play the one armed bandits I ask. I played many one armed bandits he says. They give you free cocktails when you play the one armed bandits he says. Before you know it your eyes are cherries, lemons and sevens he says.