Times Square, Then and Now

Multimedia, Prose

A comparison of Jan Staller's portraits from Times Square in the 1980s, as recently highlighted by "The New York Times," with current shots of Times Square mascots by OE's Donnie Boman.

How To Climb Out Of The Bad Hole by Frances Waite

Prose, The Process Column

If you do it right and you do it long enough, eventually something tiny and great lands in one of your shitty, embarrassing drawings. It winks at you and says hey, remember me? And then you want to cry because you finally got your pieces back, but you don’t cry because now you can draw about it instead.

An Interview with Walter Robinson in Advance of his Retrospective at Deitch

Amy's Journal by Amy Fusselman, Ohio Interviews, Prose

I can tell you that loafing in my studio is lots more fun than clocking into an office every day. Amy, you want a serious answer? It is interesting. Critics are the only honest people left in the art world, yet they're immersed in ontological doubt -- as my kid once said to me, "you get paid for looking at art?!" Artists labor under their own kind of contradiction, in that they embody creative freedom yet are all but required to produce the same kind of thing over and over.