MDwM #24 by Gilmore Tamny

My Days with Millicent by Gilmore Tamny, Prose

I’d almost forgotten Millicent’s ability to make a passing remark, even a complimentary one, sound like an insult. That she might resent the hold this knowledge might have over her, strangely, had never occurred to me, as I assumed, that like any situation, she would have the upper hand.

Doctor Jokes by Andrew Bomback


“The MRI of your brain is back and the results say you are fucking crazy. I’ve never seen them curse in their reports before, but here it is, the official radiology report says, ‘You are fucking crazy.’”

A Dancing Manifesto by Isabella von Mühlen Brandalise


Dancing is a way to deal actively and mindfully with our own reality. It is characterized by constant movement and adaptation of our actions based on the feedback we receive. Additionally, by means of dancing we can build something together – instead of designing for, we start designing with.