Ohio Edit is a digital art and literary journal. We also publish books and essays.

Our first hardcover co-publication (with Cuneiform Press), Jon-Michael Frank’s How’s Everything Going? Not Good, is sold out. If you would like a manuscript considered for publication, please send an email to the address below outlining your project and include a ten-page sample. Thank you.

Our downloadable essay, “Winnicott and Music,” by Nicholas Spice, is available on the home page.

We welcome submissions and publish the best work we receive.

Editor: Amy Fusselman

Consigliere: Donnie Boman.

Interns: Mariam Nasrullah, Bethany Ann Sattur

Advisory Board: Mary Beth Medernach, Frank Snider

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Ohio Edit accepts work in all genres. We are interested in experimental, hybrid, boundary-blurring work. We like poetry, philosophy, and criticism. We also like humor.

Please submit all writing and art projects to the address below. Thank you.