Ohio Edit is a digital art and literary journal. We also publish books and essays.

Our first hardcover co-publication (with Cuneiform Press), Jon-Michael Frank’s How’s Everything Going? Not Good, is sold out. If you would like a manuscript considered for publication, please send an email to the address below outlining your project and include a ten-page sample. Thank you.

Our downloadable essays, “Winnicott and Music,” by Nicholas Spice and “Comedy and Agency” by David Robbins, are available on the home page.

We welcome submissions and publish the best work we receive.

Editor: Amy Fusselman

Interns: Mariam Nasrullah, Bethany Ann Sattur

Advisory Board: Mary Beth Medernach, Frank Snider, Donnie Boman

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Ohio Edit accepts work in all genres.

Please submit all projects to the address below. Thank you.