Isaac Arvold Shows New Work at Greenpoint Hill

Multimedia, Prose

A lot of this new work has been made or conceived by the idea of escape...This past June I found a great spot in Costa Rica. I Airbnb'd a little spot 100 meters off the coast and made my little beach shanty Studio. For the next 30 days I was drawing everyday at the beach 8-12 hours with a few dips in the ocean.

Visual Poems by Jessy Randall and Briget Heidmous

Multimedia, Poetry

Jessy Randall, 46, has had diagram poems, poetry comics, and other things in "Poetry," "Story," and "The Best Experimental Writing 2015"; Briget Heidmous, 27, is a multi-media visual artist exploring the principles of ecology employing scale as illusion. Her work has been in solo exhibitions at the Manitou Art Center and The Machine Shop, where she was artist in residence in 2014.

Times Square, Then and Now

Multimedia, Prose

A comparison of Jan Staller's portraits from Times Square in the 1980s, as recently highlighted by "The New York Times," with current shots of Times Square mascots by OE's Donnie Boman.

On Writing and Criticism: An Interview with Jerry Saltz

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For me all art is contemporary art. From Cave Painting to now; it's all in play everywhere at the same time. I think that our current teleological system of art history based on progress and art is mainly measured by formal moves "forward" via techniques, tools, etc. This system is already dead; it just doesn't know it.

Buttoned/Unbuttoned by Lila Allen

Multimedia, Prose

I think about my own modern dressing, about the overalls my mother gave me when I was the same age as the boy in the painting. The metal hook-and-closures were easy, accessible to my tiny hands and their limited fine motor skills. I handed them down to my brother, who is three years my junior. Much of what we wore couldn’t be categorized by gender. They were garments intended for transfer.

An Interview with Alabaster Pizzo, Cartoonist

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Being a woman in any industry is tough, especially one that is typically dominated by men, like comics. Last year the Angloueme Comics Festival in France made a list of 30 "lifetime achievement" cartoonists which didn't include a single woman. On the extreme end you have to worry if the male strangers who are super-involved in your social media are stalking you, on the low end you have to hear your work compared to that show "Girls."

Diagram Poems by Jessy Randall

Multimedia, Poetry

Source for illustrations:Source for illustrations: William Austin Cannon. The Root Habits of Desert Plants. Washington, D.C.: Carnegie Institute, 1911. William Austin Cannon. The Root Habits of Desert Plants. Washington, D.C.: Carnegie Institute, 1911.

Ohio Interviews: Caroline Wells Chandler

Multimedia, Ohio Interviews, Prose

Santa likes to make things by hand and is the ultimate crunchy-granola. He lives at the North Pole (the axis mundi), communes with flying reindeer (mushroom junkies), and works with magical elves (creators of language) to bestow gifts of liberation to those who are pure in heart. Santa sees the world through honey comb specs which are a secret tool for weighing the heart(s) of humanity. Chimneys are his preferred portal to distribute the sacrament for trans-dimensional travel. Cookies are strange attractors at the end of time. In the off season, Santa hangs up his red suit to don an electric blue fur and moonlights as Cookie Monster in a state of eye rolling ecstasy.

Cartoons by Jessy Randall


Sources: Roswell H. Johnson. Determinate Evolution in the Color Pattern of the Lady-Beetles. Washington, D.C.: Carnegie Institute, 1910.