Two Poems by G.L. Ford


to try and fathom/ the absolute oneness of/ each moment in its/ infinite and deplorable/ succession,

Lines Written in Early Spring by Hobo Scumbag


When I think about spring and summer I think about all the Spring/Summer collections on the runway, I think about ice cream, I think about bare feet on warm sand, and I think about all the death that had to occur to bring us to this moment.

Visual Poems by Jessy Randall and Briget Heidmous

Multimedia, Poetry

Jessy Randall, 46, has had diagram poems, poetry comics, and other things in "Poetry," "Story," and "The Best Experimental Writing 2015"; Briget Heidmous, 27, is a multi-media visual artist exploring the principles of ecology employing scale as illusion. Her work has been in solo exhibitions at the Manitou Art Center and The Machine Shop, where she was artist in residence in 2014.

11 Pulitzer Prize Winning Poets Walk Into An Auditorium by Josh Lefkowitz

Poetry, Prose

But back to the mother’s astute observation: somewhere along the way we seem to have decided that to be a poet is to be a Poet, as in some sort of seer or like a wise prophet, someone who lives among us but is able to Feel Bigger or Live Better, and so I suppose in this case, at The Pulitzer Centennial Poetry Celebration, held on Thursday, October 27th, 2016, at Cooper Union in downtown Manhattan, a parade of eleven of the finest and best Livers and Feelers, if you believe all that, were being presented on a public stage before an audience, to be lauded and adored.

On Writing and Criticism: An Interview with Jerry Saltz

Multimedia, Poetry, Prose

For me all art is contemporary art. From Cave Painting to now; it's all in play everywhere at the same time. I think that our current teleological system of art history based on progress and art is mainly measured by formal moves "forward" via techniques, tools, etc. This system is already dead; it just doesn't know it.

Two Poems by Kevin Casey


First, you’ll lose track of the date,/ and then the days, and finally--/ unhitched from any purpose--/ you’ll judge each morning only by its weather.

Two Poems by Gabriela Garcia


The girls on Union Street/ wear black sneakers,/ logic loose like a/ highway without lanes,/ the graceful texture/ of new summer/ full inside the fist.

Two Poems by Devin Kelly


I’m still trying to figure out. Look/ at the sky. It’s so big & so full of color./ Imagine if it fell. Imagine if it hurt.

Two Poems by Marcus Slease

Poetry, Prose

Did you play the one armed bandits I ask. I played many one armed bandits he says. They give you free cocktails when you play the one armed bandits he says. Before you know it your eyes are cherries, lemons and sevens he says.

Three Love Poems by Josh Lefkowitz


What’s your favorite kind, she asked./ Oh geez, I like them all, I said, I like/ the white sauce style from Alabama –/ that was started by a place called/ Big Bob’s Gibson’s, I believe – and/ I like the brisket-oriented Texas type,/ I like Kansas City burnt ends, I like/ St. Louis ribs, I like the way Memphis/ does it wet or dry, like the weather

Two Poems by Melissa Watt


What did we know of death? Nothing/ but narcissus bloomed like hiccups/ in the front yard and/ we were the kingdoms and the questions.

Three Poems by Aaron Belz


So this girl messages me/ do you want to hang out sometime./ So I look and see she actually has a boyfriend./ The boyfriend as it turns out is a reindeer./ And not only that, a metal display reindeer.

Two Poems by Claire/Spike Dougherty


Does Billy know and does Billy know what it looks like? Do you know Billy? Do you know, Billy? If it’s only me and Billy in a room, does she care if she sees? Did you expect Billy to be a he? Is he a man? Can he dilate?

Two Poems by Hannah Jove


I just need someone to be able to love me for at least a decade, one humid and symmetrical decade, until they look at me one day over breakfast and see the empty quarry that I have never once stopped cutting slate from.