28 TV and Movie Characters Who Should Be My Boyfriend by Eli Rarey

Prose, YOU GET WHAT YOU ASK FOR: A Magazines/Media Expert Telling It Like It Is by Eli Rarey

MAX from MAD MAX: FURY ROAD: I know that it is hard to be in a relationship with someone who has such severe PTSD. I’m not even sure he’s capable of opening up emotionally to another person after what he’s been through. But if he’s willing to try, then I will bring all my reserves of patience. This is someone with a genuinely good heart.

My Days with Millicent #33 by Gilmore Tamny, PLUS Rock Video

My Days with Millicent by Gilmore Tamny, Prose

The idea of being a reporter seemed absurd, and leaving the cozy little room with the Haddlesomes not particularly unappealing. I was about to say so when Mr. Mochrai spoke again. “Just don’t come blatting to me, when you cock-up,” he said and then shuddered. “And I’m not going to hold your hand, for every story about rosebuds and feminine protection and breast feeding or what have you, so I’ll thank you for not asking.”

Trafika Europe Corner by Andrew Singer featuring Michael M. Naydan

Prose, Trafika Europe Corner

Even after his visit to Ivan the Ghostseer, Nicholas had more skepticism than any real belief in the legends and myths that so many shared with him (from scientists and scholars to street cleaners and check-out girls), though it was all in fun. There was a consistency in what they said with small variations, a kind of collective mass awareness of the subject. One incident shifted him a little closer toward belief – a visit to the Castle at Pidhirtsi with his friend Vira, his actress friend from the Zankovetsky Theater.

Trafika Europe Corner by Andrew Singer featuring Bogdan Suceavă

Prose, Trafika Europe Corner

For a long time, people believed that the mysterious apparition may have been an escaped circus or zoo animal until, one evening, the blind old wife from the village of Evil Vale shared with the others what only she could see clearly: “It’s not about only one bear, there’s a lot of them. They haven’t accidentally drifted here, they are meant to bring life back to these mountains."

MDwM #30 by Gilmore Tamny

My Days with Millicent by Gilmore Tamny, Prose

Stuffed birds, small cat; Ramona waits for news of Millicent’s looming trial, Lucy (Helvstead housekeeper) comes to London, and the mystery of the body in the cellar and ignominious truth of the story behind it are revealed; illegal production of cheese; the mystery of the postcard writer is discussed and remain tantalizingly insoluble; Millicent and Ramona meet.

Fall by Zoë Ruiz, with a photo by Alexander Gilbert

From Her Notebooks by Zoë Ruiz, Prose

In the backyard, the tree is bare and my father is still alive. The man is skeletal. His translucent skin hangs loose from his thin bones. Each of his ten fingers are crooked and bent, and he holds them in the air, above his sunken chest. He has little lung capacity left. He opens his mouth, his teeth are rotten, and he says, Help me. His voice is a whisper, and repeatedly, like a prayer, my father says, Help me.

Trafika Europe Corner by Andrew Singer featuring Randi Ward

Trafika Europe Corner

It’s a treat in this month’s Trafika Europe Corner to hear, read, and see her work from the Faroe Islands in three media – with two short poems that she’s written and recorded in Faroese language, then translated for us into her native English, accompanied here by a couple of her photographs. Some clear essence of this very remote island life – situated between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean – certainly comes through in these concentrated parcels.

MDwM #24 by Gilmore Tamny

My Days with Millicent by Gilmore Tamny, Prose

I’d almost forgotten Millicent’s ability to make a passing remark, even a complimentary one, sound like an insult. That she might resent the hold this knowledge might have over her, strangely, had never occurred to me, as I assumed, that like any situation, she would have the upper hand.

Trafika Europe Corner by Andrew Singer Featuring Adrian Opriou

Poetry, Trafika Europe Corner

I am now trying to write about all this but words are never enough to describe the loss of words. The words of my own language had become objects already then, the words of the other language are objects too, maybe even more gnarled and barbed. Every day they must be brought from a storage room under your house, where they lie dusty and crammed like appliances and bicycle wheels; then you must carry them up on your back and carefully arrange them, so that simultaneously with the text you also build the walls of the house, so that you have a bed to sleep in, a cup in which to pour the coffee.

MDwM #22 by Gilmore Tamny

My Days with Millicent by Gilmore Tamny, Prose

Settling into the vacation flat in Nice; Ramona reflects on the unanticipated and salutary effects of co-conspiring to cover up a murder and the experience of holding secrets; Ramona savors the luxuries of Nice and gets a new hairdo; Millicent meets a new man and Ramona stands on the precipice of love

Trafika Europe Corner by Andrew Singer

Trafika Europe Corner

Hello and Welcome to Trafika Europe Corner, a new column on Ohio Edit! Over the coming months, we’ll share with you some great new poetry and fiction from authors across Europe – exclusive stuff you won’t find in our regular journal.

Ten Minutes from Oblivion By Anonymous

Columns, The Anonymous Column

The White Knight in Through the Looking-Glass is Lewis Carroll’s self-portrait – a befuddled old man who keeps falling off his horse, but is nevertheless trying his best to shepherd Alice safely through the topsy-turvy, menacing world of Wonderland. He is one of the only characters who is ever kind to Alice.

MDwM #20 by Gilmore Tamny Is In a Band Called Weather Weapon and It Rawks!

My Days with Millicent by Gilmore Tamny

My Days with Millicent author Gilmore Tamny played with her band, Weather Weapon, last night, and will play other dates in the Cambridge, MA area and beyond. More info here! And now, onto Millicent! Heat Wave at Helvstead. Ramona Discovers the Secret That Millicent Has on Molly. Summer. Author Signals Much of the Inner Changes Percolating Within Ramona Through Nature,...
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An Anonymous Manifesto by Anonymous

The Anonymous Column

Emily, the most talented by far of the three Brontë sisters, self-published Wuthering Heights under a pseudonym, Ellis Bell. She wanted to keep her identity secret. And when Charlotte, the eldest and the bully of them all, went rushing off to London in the first flush of success to announce the three sisters’ real identities to her own publisher and...
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MDwM #18: Ramona Returns From Oxford To Helvstead To Recover Equilibrium After a Minor Head Injury…by Gilmore Tamny

My Days with Millicent by Gilmore Tamny

Ramona Returns From Oxford To Helvstead To Recover Equilibrium After a Minor Head Injury and Molly’s Unpleasant Revelations; Ramona Finally, Finally, Finally Loses Her Temper With Millicent and Meditates on the Nature of Forgetting Ugly and Unhappy Things; We Learn of Ramona’s Secret about Her Mother Which to Her Unhappy Surprise Is Not Actually a Secret I awoke, late, with a...
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