I Remember Glenn O’Brien by Duncan Hannah


Once in a while, I would get a stray phone call from such unlikely places as Calvin Klein or Richard Avedon’s studio, asking me to come see their boss for some kind of go-see. I would invariably ask, “Does this have anything to do with Glenn O’Brien?” It always did. He was generous and inclusive in that way.

Excerpt from “Boomtown” an essay by Erik Anderson


What can be said about a room like this—and there are thousands of them here—except that it is designed for one or more persons to live essentially as one would in a house, albeit in a room of roughly two hundred square feet, a room meant (unlike most hotel rooms) to imitate all the functions of home, a room so anonymous, so clearly in poor or missing taste, as to be any room, every room, and no room all at once.

An Interview about Video Game Puppetry with Eddie Kim of EK Theater

Ohio Interviews, Prose

We didn’t always refer to our work as “video game puppetry.” We used to call it “live machinima theater.” Our work has much in common with traditional puppetry. Video game characters, like puppets, have limited actions, and performers speak lines for both. The ultimate goal is the same too–to convey the story to the audience

Two Poems by G.L. Ford


to try and fathom/ the absolute oneness of/ each moment in its/ infinite and deplorable/ succession,