Ohio Interviews: Misaki Kawai

Ohio Interviews


Misaki Kawai and friends
Misaki Kawai and friends

I was first introduced to Misaki Kawai’s artwork through her 2012 exhibition at the Children’s Museum of Art in NYC, titled “Love from Mt. Pom Pom.”

Misaki and friend combing the big dog in “Love from Mt Pom Pom”
Another view of “Love from Mt. Pom Pom”!

Misaki is an all-purpose artist. She makes paintings, sculptures, photos, books, music, and fashion. If you have 10 extra minutes–and you know you do–poke around her website and store at misakikawai.com. You will have gone on a very good trip!

She is currently participating in a group show at The Hole (NYC).  The show is titled ‘Chicken or Beef’ and is curated by Jesper Elg. It’s up now through April 20th! So go!

We did this conversation by email.

Ohio: Misaki, what have you been up to?

MK:  I am back from bubble villages in the mountain in Laos. There are no toilet, no water, no electric, no cookies.

A village chief asked me that I have a picture of buildings. Because he’ve never seen them before.

In the morning, I went out to take my choco puffs, then pigs family was waiting by my butt. Yum yum yum….

Ohio:  What are the bubble villages? Can you tell me about them? 

MK: Bubble villages means woman’s bubble village. They are out. In Japan and US usually hiding inside.

I was trekking for a few days visiting villages. One night I joined a red bike ceremony. The village chief’s cousin got a first bike. So they sacrificed a pig and made blood soup for our dinners.

Misaki and friends on her trek

My studio is all of earth, so I can breathe.  I like oxygen. Making many new ideas in my sketch book now. So when I find new studio in creamy cheese NY, I can explode!

Love and sweet potatos,



[I pulled the jpeg below from Misaki’s web site and asked her to explain]:


Hi Amy,

How are you at the banana mountain?

I like drinking the water from banana mountain!

Sorry I am slow replying,,,

The tree house was at my first group called “Tensionism” curated by Kenny Schachter in NYC in 2002. Beatles, robots and I are living in the tree house. Paul is showering and Ringo is peeking…John and me are hanging out at the living room on carpet watching Beatles home video that I made with these dolls. They are riding bike, playing soccer and riding raw boat on the lake. George is coming up to the tree house, Yoko is napping up in the tree. Some robot is cooking pizza in the kitchen. Another is doing laundry for everyone’s underwears.

Something like this…

Now the piece is in London at Kenny’s house.

I’ll send you some pictures soon!

Love from big bubbly couch,



Hi Mango Amy!

Did you get any hairs cut by lobster in Boston?

I like poofy dogs and goofy things.

I am also interested peoples who experiment with some scraps.

Photo by Misaki

For example, in south of china I saw a man on the street take a part from old suitcase and use it for making new tool to fix his bike.

I’ll go with yeti and jacky chen to banana slippery mountain.

Because If I slip with banana skin, jacky could catch me.

and yeti can make fluffy carpet with his hair when we are in the cave.

Love from hairy combing beach