Ohio Interviews: Bones Rodriguez!!

Bones Rodriguez

Bones, your oeuvre covers a lot of ground. You are an actor, author and entreperformer. Among your literary works are Captain Kirk’s Guide to WomenThe Luckiest Guy: How to Propose, Get Married, and Stay in LoveHalf-Assed Health: How to Look Good Naked Without Starving, Suffering or Surgery; and finally, The YouTube Money Machine: How to Make Money Online with YouTube Videos.

Let’s begin by asking you about, “The YouTube Money Machine,” given that our readers are a) a click away from YouTube and b) like money. 

So, Bones, can you tell us briefly: how does the YouTube money machine work and how can our web-savvy readers get in on it? 

The YouTube book came about after working on making money online instead of waiting tables. Actually everything has come about because I’ve been avoiding waiting tables!

I eventually learned how to use YouTube to drive people to websites, where they can buy something and I get a commission for the sale.

Making YouTube videos is pretty simple, and in the book I explain the ways someone can make them for a purpose. The key is to make videos, not commercials. Once the video is up and is gaining traffic, some people will buy whatever it is, and then you can go on and make another “Machine.” The idea is simple, but the actual work takes a little finesse, so the book helps people do it.

Well, this is interesting to me because I was actually just contemplating how I might go about making the next Gangnam Style, only without singing or dancing. Do you have any advice for me? 

Hahaha, if I could do that, I wouldn’t bother with this interview!

That being said, while normal people aren’t going to make the next “Gangnam Style”, if your readers will see how many PARODIES of that there are, and realize that all of them get traffic, they will recognize that they can also make a successful video. Also, adding “Star Wars” to anything always helps. 🙂

OK, well, speaking of Star Wars, let’s talk about Star Trek. You have written “Captain Kirk’s Guide to Women.” Which do you think a guy needs more: Kirk’s advice or the advice from, “The Luckiest Guy: How to Propose, Get Married, and Stay in Love,” which you also wrote? How do you think you compare to Captain Kirk in terms of being a “lucky guy”?

People really either love or hate the Kirk book, and it breaks my heart when people dismiss the actual advice in it. Unfortunately, it’s usually the guys who need it the most… “THOSE” Trek fans.

In it I talk about “Being your own captain” and being the version of you that is like a “tractor beam” to women. It’s a pretty damn funny book, but I took the advice part very seriously.

Here’s a good example of what I mean- I was on a panel discussing the great Sci-Fi Starship Captains (I know, right?) and this guy and I were discussing Kirk Vs. Picard; who was a better captain?

His entire point was that when he dreams of being a member of the crew, that he would be better off having Picard as his captain, as he would be less likely to die than if Kirk were his captain.

I conceded his point (definitely), but then pointed out that my dreams are NOT about being a member of the crew, BUT BEING THE CAPTAIN. And Chicks always dig THE CAPTAIN.

The “Luckiest Guy” book is actually unfinished in my mind (gotta make your own deadlines!), but it’s more about the inspiration that being with someone can bring to you. It’s a compilation of emails and blog posts about my wife that I wrote before we got married.

That was a long way to say that the Kirk book has more advice in it. 🙂

Bones, you are a young man. You are an actor. How is it that you are so comfortable giving advice in your writing? Did someone give you advice when you were young? Did you ever read a self-help book that changed your life? 

Actually, I’m 41 now and I sometimes struggle with giving advice; I tend to notice that I can have a certain result that’s better than a lot of people’s results, and I am therefore qualified to offer advice no matter my age or credentials.

I’m a terrible swimmer (stereotype about New Yorkers), so I’m sure I could learn from a 10 year-old on how to do it better. For people who aren’t in a relationship that they want, or don’t know how to make money online, I am usually ahead of the curve there.

That being said, I have a bazillion Self-Help books, and I recommend many of them all the time to my subscribers. My favorite hands down is The Magic Of Thinking Big By David Schwartz, and anything by Neale Donald Walsch.

You wear that 41 well, sir. OK, last question. What acting/writing/other project are you working on now that you are most most excited about? 

Ok, so- I am really excited about several things, which of course, is why I end up doing so much!

I’m working hard on the musical I’m doing right now, but it’s one night only, and by the time you post this it’ll be over…so why did I mention it? Because I’m excited bout it!

Also, I just shot a new National commercial, so I’m looking forward to seeing it on TV.

HOWEVER, I’m working on a NOVEL for the first time, and I am really enjoying writing the characters and stories. I really want it to be a movie, so my plan is to write the book and then maybe do some small-budget niche film about it… no, I can’t say what it’s about 🙂

I have a feeling this interview has been all over the place, but that’s me, so maybe it’s perfect.

We didn’t even get to talk about the work I do with Freestyle Repertory Theatre, which I have been doing for over a decade, and how I met my wife. We do Improvisational Theatre, and we do a show called “Theatresports” in schools as the assembly. We use what the kids are studying for inspiration, and the kids come up onstage with us, and then they judge who the winner is.

It’s impossibly fun, and everyone really enjoy it.

That’s how I ended up writing my first kids’ book “What Kind Of Penguin Are You?”

Blah, blah, blah!!

Anyway, so here are two videos you may like:

1. My proposal to my wife:

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There- everything and more than you could possibly want from Bones Rodriguez!