Two Poems by Gregory Sherl




A History of Domremy

Feelings start on this page.

Even in storms it is cool

how we breathe. Slow exhales over wet

cheeks, under bruised gums. Dumb love.

Crawling through floors. I am Ezekiel, I

am Isaac. What I have seen! This life-stained

sweat. Entire marching bands

between sheets. Always, I wake

to words on my heart. Always, the softness

of you. Exclamation mark

after the smell of color. Jehanne, to stay

awake unbuttoning all of your blouses.

To understand your cough. All at once,

the welcome in you.


A History of Comely

Underwater, dressed like an album cover, I sing you

songs the flume of shade. I teach you how to scratch & sniff

the smell of thigh, to fall in love standing up. To feed

on love you must crawl to the sky. Jehanne,

this thought I fever. I put a force field around the tree,

but the fairies still come. Jehanne, to burn toe to mouth.

To smell how we make. To moan with melt.


Gregory Sherl is the author of three poetry collections, most recently Monogamy Songs and The Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail, which was shortlisted for the 2012 Believer Poetry Award. His newest collection, Glow, will be released in the winter of 2014 by Diode Editions, and his debut novel, The Future for Curious People (in participation with Julianna Baggott), is forthcoming from Algonquin in the fall of 2014. He blogs at