Interviewing Our New Intern, Gillian Bradshaw!! By Josh the Intern!!

Ohio Interviews


Hi Gillian, so you are going to be working for “Dr.” Fusselman while I leave to pursue my real estate dreams in Hollywood. Buh-bye!! Seriously, though: are you good with kids? Because odds are she’ll be asking you to do some babysitting!

Hi, “Josh!” I love kids!  Like so many others, I spent much of my teenage years babysitting.  I also worked at a nursery for several years, so I know what to do when I find I’m the only adult in a room full of sixteen under-two-year-olds and half of them seem to have used their mystical toddler telepathy to start bawling in unison.  Hint: Bubbles have magical healing powers.  I would, however, ask “Dr.” Fusselman if babysitting time is covered by my intern “salary.”

I hear you are studying at NYU. Have you been an intern before? Because it’s hard work, Gillian. Hard.

I am studying at NYU: more specifically, I attend the College of Arts & Science.  I’m majoring in English & American Literature and minoring in Creative Writing.  Supposedly these subjects are covered by the “Art” side of “Arts & Science,” but I still find my Physics class is a requirement….  In my first semester of college, I interned for 5 Floors, LLC, where I helped with the preproduction of a documentary on the life and career of Bill Cosby.  And last semester I was the Marketing & Development intern for Poets & Writers, Inc.  Interning is hard work, but not as hard as babysitting.

What made you want to intern at an upstart art and literary journal and not, like, Random House?   

I have nothing against Random House–please publish my novel!–but I’ve learnt from past experiences that it’s working for smaller companies that gives you the freedom really to grow the most.  (I might have worked for Random House in the 1930s, if I could have.)  In this case, the boundaries of the job seem less defined since the journal itself is still finding shape, which is extremely appealing to me.  I want to see what I can do with this job; it’s provided an exciting challenge.

Well you sound like an awesome intern and Ohio is lucky to have you! However, you do realize that you will be trying to fill my giant shoes–don’t  feel bad if you can’t manage it. 🙂 But in passing the interning torch to you I am going to end this with a little Ohio Edit quiz. Are you ready? 

Gillian: Yes!!

1. Are the editor’s children named:

A. Larry, Moe and Curley
B. Big, Middle, and Small
C. King, Mick, and Katie
D. Jaromir Jagr, Henrik Lundqvist, and Ryan Callahan

Gillian: C
Josh: You are correct!

2. What is always in the refrigerator at the OE clubhouse?

A. Coffee
B. Green juice
C. Coconut water
D. Cheese
E. All of the above

Gillian: E
Josh: You are correct again!

3. What/who is the OE patron saint/guiding light?

A. Jerry Saltz
B. The Ramones
C. Zora Neale Hurston
D. Jim Behrle
E. A bowl of ramen
F. All of the above

Gillian: C
Josh: Another correct! You are clearly in the right internship! Hurston’s experience with her lit mag, Fire!! is always an inspiration.

4. Ohio Edit is named after

A. Ohio
B. Ohio State
C. Ohio Edit
D. Michigan
E. All of the above

Gillian: B
Josh: So close. Ohio Edit is actually named after all of the above! 

5. The web series airing on OE is called

A. O Poetry!
B. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Writer’s Block!
C. Munchkins on Parade
D. Paging Lee Strasberg!!
E. Moby Dick

Gillian: B
Josh: You are absolutely correct, Gillian!

Congratulations, you win an internship and an Ohio Edit tote bag!

Best of luck to you at OE and beyond, Gillian! If you need a beach house in LA call me, I’ll be at Sotheby’s!! Bye, guys!! Xx Josh