Slides (Interpreted by Nancy) by Nancy Kangas. And a Call!

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The delicacy of July
and babysitting somebody’s guinea pig
The sturdiness of rubber bands
twisted over t-shirts
and sunk in dye
It is all about the clothes Will always
be all about the clothes and hair
and shoes and fabric
stores and this porch
Always about the clothes
and the hair and the first day of school
which was always September on the porch.
And that wrought iron railing
that got painted black
then rusted and is now gone.

I love you
Let’s all go now


I love you
Let’s all go now

Let’s all go in this hand painted 1972 Chevy Impala

Nancy Kangas lives in Columbus, Ohio. Her poetry has been published in print and online, and for over a decade she edited Nancy’s Magazine. She writes and draws for Muse magazine, and often teaches poetry in residencies sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council. Nancy works as a cut-flower grower, florist and public librarian.