Film School, a poem by Eli Rarey


Dream of a thousand nickels,

wake and calculate.  Dream of movie producers

touching you all over your body, palpating

for your big ideas and ambition.

Dream of explosions, helicopters,

passionate kisses.  Dream of

your marriage falling apart, messy

divorce.  Dream of hospitals, public bathrooms,

tears.  Dream acting teachers who say,

“When you go to an audition you have to believe

they want you.”  Dream of supermen

and comic books come to life.

Dream of special effects, people

who disappear without warning or goodbye

and return, suddenly old and gray.

Dream of people filled with emptiness.

Dream of filling them up with your

publicity.  Dream of awards,

crowns and Godheads.  Dream your face

on the magazine cover.  Dream selfies

and tweets.  Dream of singing whales.

Dream of the flickering light

of a campfire.  Dream of children.

Dream of naked bodies, dead and alive.

Dream of eyes.  Dream of nails.

Dream simple gestures that denote

power and vision.  Dream of your own hands.

Dream of food, tables and tables

of sweets and cheese and crackers,

peanut butter and jelly.  Dream of

America, sitting quietly in expectation.

Dream supermarket aisles and

green lights.  Dream of jargon.

Dream love poetry.  Dream blood.

Dream of whispering, of words, of

promises, little cracks in the wall.

Dream big.  Dream in sound in color.

Dream a sign with your name on it.

Dream that you have died long ago

and you have not been forgotten.


Eli Rarey is Ohio Edit’s Magazines and Media Expert. He has lived in New York, Santa Rosa, Dublin, Reykjavik, Los Angeles, and his own mind.  He is available for parties, weddings, and bar mitzvahs.  His feature film, The Famous Joe Project, is out now iTunes.