“Kosciusko Revisited/Cemeteries Creep” Video and Haiku by Donnie Boman



Cemeteries creep.
New Calvary is the best.
BQE onramp.

Rainbow Bridge is where
we go to meet our lost pets.
Happiness supreme.

Kosciusko Bridge.
Abomination of space.
A desecration.

Driving beside death.
The cemetery beckons.
Just over the wall.

A white van passed me.
Vehicles for kidnappers.
Scary. No windows.

A small red Honda.
Carrying bikes and surfboards.
Where are they going?

A black limousine.
They’re for carrying rich folks.
And the dead. Same thing.

A beige minivan.
Families. Babies. Kids. Pets.
With bumper stickers.

Orange cones show no fear.
They stand guard. Blocking the lanes.
One may tip. Others stay.

Staring. Gawking. Wow!
Move already. Honk. Honk. Honk.
Accidents happen.

Delivery truck.
Full of produce. Get going.
They will cut you off.

Moving van. U-Haul.
Sometimes you just have to go.
Picking up anchor.

Grated and bumpy.
The DOT should finish.
Taxpayers money.

The bridge. Almost there.
Filthy, polluted canal.
It may collapse now.

Queens into Brooklyn.
The bridge spans both worlds.

Canal and death (trap).
Rainbows over pollution.
Kosciusko Bridge.


Donnie Boman writes.
Creates multimedia.
Then he writes again.

Five. Seven. Five. Stop.
But don’t think form. Just create.
AF: “Keep writing.”

Two dogs and a cat.
Dedicated to his wife.
He lives in Brooklyn.