What Is Everything by Eli Rarey

Everything is poetry, and my friend Rachael
posted on Facebook that she clicked through
a slideshow of Robert Pattinson’s hairstyles through the years
and my other friend Rachel wrote a book
of poetry about everything (I stole this poem from her,
stole everything from her.  I don’t think I should be allowed
to write poetry because I have no idea what it’s for.)
why can’t I go back to sleep when I wake up at 4
from a dream I don’t remember the beginning of

Everything is poetry, someone said
and bubbling up this morning memories
of a twilit hillside mansion and a party
play (that’s what she called it) in which I am both actor
and audience, all of my lines fed to me through headphones
connected to a black iPhone (just like mine)
standing opposite my partner who is a stranger
so that I don’t have to say anything out loud only think
about it while staring into his eyes

Everything is poetry, but I work as a database
consultant for the visual effects industry, it’s a movie
about an earthquake that destroys or doesn’t destroy
San Francisco — why do we want to see something
that looks so real? — and they have digitally scanned
intersections, buildings, the faces and bodies of actors
and all this needs to be tracked and stored in files
with names like gate A exterior and Subaru undamaged
while I eat breakfast at a place called Milkshake Explosion

Everything is poetry, or is it poetry when
you are late for work but you don’t put on clothes for
another minute on the couch wondering where he is
and what he is thinking about and is it you
and you are out of toilet paper and hair conditioner and
you gave the last bottle of wine to a birthday
party and you don’t care about parties any more, not
a single decent image to fill the spaces between
necessary judgments, action reports, promises to call on the phone

Everything is poetry, including this cartoon
about airbending (do you know what that is?) and I cry
when the princess turns into the moon
which says more about me (says what to whom?) than it says about
the cartoon or the moon because
longing is poetry, because destiny is poetry, love
is poetry and god is love and god is everywhere
and what is “everything” anyway? I hate this vagueness
and is it raining in Los Angeles today? impossible

Eli Rarey is Ohio Edit’s Magazines and Media Expert. He has lived in New York, Santa Rosa, Dublin, Reykjavik, Los Angeles, and his own mind.  He is available for parties, weddings, and bar mitzvahs.  His feature film, The Famous Joe Project, is out now on iTunes.