Two Poems by Douglas Luman



These poems were composed using text from the Log Cabin Democrat (the local newspaper of Conway, Arkansas) during the Found Poetry Review’s “Oulipost” project during National Poetry Month, 2014.


Since summer is in a series, six versions means scarce corn, rice, onions.

Assume news a noose, warriors in core warren.

A noon iris swims summer season, mesa severe.

Now is never once, menace comes once, more.

Insurance rises. Economics or some reason.

An ox, overcome, curses man.

No rescue in a voice or moon.

Sunrise arrives on occasion.


Sermon of the Easter Season

Persist for more, poor men said,
lost lots, a lot. Men are

not rooms, but a corridor may
be still.

Discriminate distinct lakes,
lines separate sea & coast.

Are more boats in
distant oceans?

No. Come to.
Let need in.

Not all can detect a road; lane
& street can’t see dead ends.

More & more, door-to-door peddlers
steal accord. Let me plant apparent

commitment in time & tries — as secrets are to do.
Tell I arise, though a small seed.


Douglas Luman is the Book Reviews editor at the Found Poetry Review and an intern at the Chicago School of Poetics. He is falling through a tab space somewhere in Northern Virginia.