“Marilyn” by Jared Joseph




I’m very serious about the problem

of knowledge it is so very deeply


being among them then the problem

of knowledge is real

a sense of reality that’s a meaningful

i think us in a constellation

a diverting portrait of language

a deep elusiveness in reality

i will put up my microphone

but before i go on

are there any questions are there any questions

from last

i see someone

clearly without dutch sympathies

they’re more forgotten than the

Native Americans

nobody reads

i mean the Dutch people read Dutch

untouched Dutch documents

is this on

can you hear me

what we think we know

flawed by the accidents of you know

enormously important things that might be true

one thing we do know

the consequence of that, people

to do the double Dutch with

A colony of Latin American Jews i know

came to be

under the protection of the Dutch

but then they left

i don’t know

they also printed their bodies there

illegal to be printed theirs

but you see how

to put those things together can be very interesting

So Marcello Colvizar

who i’m

quoting all the time

unless you’re intellectually numb

that comes out

of a culminating chapter

a kind of interesting conversation that

he invents

an interesting man

time doesn’t

quantum experiments

take my words

experiments where some events change some

events that happened previously too complex

take my word

there is neither proximity

these entanglement changes

they use it they know it

i don’t know w


because you don’t want to be trapped in some 18th century brain.

You just don’t

you’d rather be

trapped in some 16th century brain

the ways in w

hitch our strategies failed

it is in fact altered

we are altered

in effect in our attempt to know it

what i quoted to you earlier from William James

the inaccessibility of experience

very very deeply from past

past literatures philosophies

greeks & all the various stages

thought anyway

i’m reading both parts simultaneously

we have to turn to fiction w

hen other things fails

i’m reading both parts simultaneously

we have to turn to fiction when

other thing fails

it determines when the other things fail

the observer determines the nature of the physical object being


a laundry of outcomes

but surely

things must exist before we ob

serve them

what matters is that we can explain

our experiments however bizarre we do

yes that’s exactly what i am

saying people are made of atoms

trees are made of

atoms strictly speaking

when classicality takes over deep


which we will explain later

int heory sounds silly but we don’t like to go there

if we are content with the beyond for all

practices purposes lesson

wasn’t it small


or is it classical now

sorry friend this is when

i go home

okay i’m really going home

now we don’t know what time is

a very relaxed baggy sort of metaphor

the whale leads them

the darkness in Ahab comes from his soul

is it the one where he runs out of the state, his cabin

is it his soul


Calvain and in German books

lots of people think

in fact he was born in Pickardee in France and lived
most of his life among Genevans.
He was born the year he died

the year Shakespeare was born the things he wrote

things could be done then

distinguished by what’s-his-name

a verry verry distinguished I will think of it

an early Oxford’s uncle

his name?

He also translated Ovid

but i will know that soon

it’s totally brown

sort of high culture.

Very aristocratic people classical Renaissance people

and they were also Calvinists

i mean explicitly

the culture broke

into parts

the parliamentary side held

power collapsed there was no Albert

Cromwell successor

people executed inevitably, sort of ordinary-doing business

a so very thumbnail thing

it had nothing

to do with Scruples

Salacious fastidious scruples

people have gone to Mars, Miss

the man who translated Ovid the assumptions

infoormation cannot enter

it’s a second place

it produced people





here’s the south

this is the south

separate history

you know like maryland

here’s the south

then we have like New


They were not trying

to create England

in the first place

you meet the Pilgrims

they go to Holland

they had a much more open minded

you know, you couldn’t be natural

you know you couldn’t be natural

eyes didn’t mean to go that far


this is 1629

This arrow

so they came into Mass

they drifted into Main self


1640 to about 1660 during which time

and lost

anyway the thing collapse

didn’t hang together

and in 1670 there was a huge


the 2nd influx was arriving by sea

it was a big phenomenon

if the early ones were self

-conscious the other mess was really self

-conscious to see

this really happened

the point of common prayer

was to uniformize jailed executed and in extreme cases

deprived of Civil Rights

the way the story told it’s like

i don’t know a parabola

i’ve never met one!

it really is funny, feeble

when you think

a cold climate

they thought out a little bit

create a university

that would be their thought

Now down here in the south

this is the plantation region

create a real plantation in the south

the real power

Jefferson & Washington for nothing

so there was

so there was this very

coast here

people from Scotland

the very poor from Scotland if they could manage it

Presbyterian of course

Common salads

Common schools.

Very rare in the interior

if it wasn’t for the mountains

we’d probably be British

at this moment

all the white clapboard buildings

one culture and the other clamored

they are different

i should make a full disclosure

i am capable of loyalty

to the most frag

meant things

they were the Great Abolitionists

in Maine and in Vermont and all the places

And uh banned slavery

the preexisting anti-pathy act on legally brown


separated i mean the very slave trader

very doge and so on

language shortages anyway

the reason i bang all of this

up the image of the human

being that is long Theodor

all these Higginsons came out

of the characteristic articulation that is

a radical criticism of the inequality and

you have Melville

there’s a very great deal of talk

as it were so to speak

you don’t expect this to have worked itself out perhaps

into its series of reforms

and Common Schools.

Jared Joseph is boring.