“Tension Sketches,” Poems by Mathew Johnstone



trails, of gun / undistracted /

figment / we cut the tree / to / move it,
image / damp

When thing is many / arrays / have not understood


Translator, diminish over them / left
to meant to us / scratched,
illness, the absence of / turning into thing /
is the mountain eats men

Everyone vibrates to barely who is then obscured

Part doesn’t at / whole


Happened contractions over / the haunts,
where to, be
places / entrant, swelled an opening

These absolute, features / pressed, blind /
to elsewhere / they

kept me / iterations to me


The environments / mention
few, distribution / of sound / in
tract limb past / dents region all to hum

Its own forgetting / crowd

on the person /
multiple heaped / singles


Tell me the alterations / Took
the fragment in / then
writer of the box,

arranging curse, occasion / to this,

animal / valid


Matthew Johnstone has recent writing in N/A, Opon, Gesture, and Cricket Online Review. His book of poetry is Let’s be close Rope to mast you, Old light (Blue & Yellow Dog, 2010). He does roughly half the legwork for the online arts journal ‘Pider, of Tennessee, Nashville, America.