Two Poems and a Photo by Evan Watson



Photo by Evan Watson
Photo by Evan Watson


Instructional Poem #1

A sun shadow with time becomes,
a moon raker with time becomes,
a planet plow.

Driven by the sad, sisterless
hate monger who knows about
bad teeth. This week
to do: bucket brick,
burn pile pylons on top,
shred history, all windfall
press to rest in tannined glass.
No rescue, loose scorn lost
sloppy seating and no show.
Go home and FORGET ABOUT
them too. No hope in
ghost love for post plan
got left on the porch
in the rockfall: no link,
learn leap, not late and fake wake.
It was hot before it was frozen.

Last year I was talking to you,
arguing about the warm can
with the dumb stickers.
How now? Imma be/see what I want.



Abdominal pilot light, bright likely right.
Set upon a lover’s lap and over hunchbacked dolphins dive,
my party is chaired and tabled. I’ll be floating near the top.
See my bed, see my walk, see my stats.

Fall line in the valley or treetop in the tundra
Why, not when, to leave I think where I ought to be.
Ribboned and spoken from the lips of baby brooks.

New Stage for Other Phase
Mary Cornerhouse Guerrera
You bled blood, still bleed
Precedent cray bait Cree cry

Chop the bunk bed down
put them end to end
and crawl across the board.

Pipe flight from white kite
the caribou with the cross top
marks my rest stop; where I napped
in ankle rio. Same Day, Next Page

Death and upside drowning
Kill me when I’m ahead
Legs long, bed red, rinse complete


Evan Watson is a writer, photographer and aimless wanderer. He works as a wilderness ranger on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in southern Oregon.