Two Poems by Anne Gorrick and a Collage by Jen May



Collage by Jen May
Collage by Jen May


How is it that sleeping people can detect me? Even if I move around slowly or stand still some distance away from them. What’s the difference in experience between a sleeping person and a rock? What about  bacteria as opposed to a rock? If all living things feel, do sleeping people feel? Do sleeping people (or bacteria) feel anything? Do sleeping people ever wake up if you wait long enough? How does the sleeping person react to being thrown into small places?  Earthquake Evaluation Criteria for sleeping people might include: do sleeping people wake up, did hanging lights swing, is it difficult to walk or stand, is it impossible to walk or stand.  Sleeping people do sleeping people things like breathing. Sleeping people move around, mutter or even shout. “Any voice (do sleeping people speak? They say words but is it talking?) will do, any voice will ground this actual in all eternity and keep it safe” (Robert Kelly from Mont Blanc). Can Sleeping People count? Do sleeping people have fewer rights? Just because they can’t speak and are lying down, they should still be respected.  Does isolation corrupt the mind? Or does abundance of living corrupt the sleeping? What do sleeping people want and need? Perhaps they need a website. Why would one feel a shivering sensation upon receiving positive attention? The Bloody Mary has come and gone; I should have gotten two on the fatty armrest hog. Since when do sleeping people get snacks? Do sleeping people corrupt the living?


Disappointed #2

Download Disappointed People images, illustrations, vectors and stock photography perfectly priced to fit your project’s budget.  Note that disappointed people hang onto guardrails.  They are lonely girls in pen and ink.  I have had my heart broken by Nutella.  These sentimental errors are free.  They are swarms of nails.  A party of disappointed people appeared in bookstores weeks before the bomb, in Chinatown.  I’m not sure what disappointed people expect.  They cling to bottles.  They regret hours.  If they were not permitted to speak they might strike, and their war against society might take the form of a climate of distrust. Sad to say churches, businesses, schools, communities, cities and nations are full of the disappointed.  And then the bottom group was what we called the very disappointed people, who will be good prospects for new lighting fixtures.  No one posted about the Big Boss Casktober Fest this past Friday.  I have no ambition.  And these people are the ones who ruin it for everyone. They’re the liars, the killers, the conmen.  People are not happy when they are told that their train is going to be delayed.  Nice story. Nice acting. Nice plot. But I really don’t see anything that stands out.  Disappointed people like yourself managed to roll the progressive clock back 60 years.  It was my fault. The camera worked well.  Disappointed people are glitching so much.  DISAPPOINTED PEOPLE: An Afternoon Musical Treat That Was Spoiled.  To Make a Mullet: The Rise and Plateau of Disappointed People In the Year of the Rabbit.  But it’s a bit harder having discussions; they’re very text heavy.  Hmmm. None of these disappointed people mentioned “world peace” or “eliminating the Pentagon.” My bad spelling means at least 12 disappointed people. OK, so I can’t spell ‘Impromptu.’ Maybe you’re not ecstatic and you’re not miserable, but you’ve got a nagging desire to put your hand over face and sigh heavily and repeatedly. Is anyone here a bit depressed or disappointed over 21-12-12?  I’m disappointed, people.  I really thought something would happen.


Anne Gorrick is a poet and visual artist. She is the author of: A’s Visuality (BlazeVOX Books, Buffalo, NY, 2015), I-Formation (Book 2) (Shearsman Books, Bristol, UK, 2012), I-Formation (Book 1) (Shearsman, 2010), and Kyotologic (Shearsman, 2008). She has co-edited (with Sam Truitt) In|Filtration: An Anthology of Innovative Poetry from the Hudson River Valley (Station Hill Press, Barrytown, NY, 2015).

Jen May is a Scorpio and artist living in Brooklyn, NY with 3 cats. She keeps a tumblr updated regularly with horoscope images and everything else.