Slides (Interpreted by Nancy) by Nancy Kangas

Multimedia, Poetry


Let us please and be pleased
under this sharp sun
alone together

My beautiful picture
Ready or not
the sun drops
on us. The
wild conferences, the
interregional boundary committees
the back hallway
name callings, all
of it stops

My beautiful picture
We are the young
You are the bomb

My beautiful picture
Chairs grant us the chance
to concentrate and are therefore
the mighty Queens of the Furniture

My beautiful picture
When with a hatbox
you are in charge
of at least the hat
and probably more
Nancy Kangas lives in Columbus, Ohio. Her poetry has been published in print and online, and for over a decade she edited Nancy’s Magazine. She writes and draws for Muse magazine, and often teaches poetry in residencies sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council. Nancy works as a cut-flower grower, florist and public librarian.