Spring Street Style!! by Grace Halio

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By late April, it is usually safe to assume that spring is here. New York City disagrees. In a week where Monday is sunny and seventy degrees and Thursday is forty-five with a chance of showers, Manhattanites are faced with fashion challenges.

I met Vic, an aspiring fashion designer who is unafraid of playing with color and style.

How have you been dealing with the seasonal issue we’re having?

vic 1

“So, y’know it’s Earth Week. I’m wearing my dashiki from Harlem, and I wore some light wash drawstring jeans because it’s spring…I guess it’s spring, and I wore my white Vans…I’m really working on channeling spring here, honestly.”

It’s definitely difficult, and you’re doing an awesome job. What would you say your favorite part of your outfit is?


“The dashiki is my favorite part of the outfit, by far. Color is everything.”

What about the other details of your outfit?

“My hat was given to me by my aunt and my socks are from Egypt. I feel very…connected to my roots. I just feel good, and that’s what matters most. Good and spring-y. Two of what I think are the best things to be.”

megan 1

Megan, an actress who lives in the Financial District but often finds herself in Washington Square Park, is taking a break from downtown’s industrial blues and grays.

What do you think the best option for footwear is?

“I think that it’s a little to early for sandals right now, in my opinion, so I have on my high top vans. Converse are good too, as long as I can run around the city easily, I’m happy. No heels. Sure, throw them in your bag…but they’re not practical.”

I absolutely love your jewelry, it mixes so well!

megan 2

“Thank you! I usually wear a lot of rings, but not so much in the winter because of gloves – so I’m happy that’s over and I can actually wear more. My favorite rings are from Madewell because they’re simple and they don’t tarnish, and I like to throw on a couple of beaded bracelets.”

If you could sum up your spring style in a sentence or two, what would you say?

“In the winter I wear all black because, well, I’m from New York and that’s what’s easiest. As it’s finally getting a little brighter out though I like to wear a little bit more color – nothing crazy here – just some whites or lighter tones. I’m looking forward to mixing and matching for spring.”

The verdict: Even though it feels like the arctic tundra on a sunny day, don’t hesitate to incorporate color into your looks. Maybe, just maybe, if we collectively can channel spring through fashion, it will make an appearance itself.