Haiku About Technology by Andrew Miller



scan0014 (1)
Facebook is now blocked
Stop consuming, get writing
Yay intervention!

Compressing our days
We attempt to time travel
Our end approaches

Death by PowerPoint
Management made of morons
Ninety minute hell

Email all-nighter
Concerns about videos
Are the kids alright?

Loitering in time
A book that captures my mind
Inactive action

Blue checks, grey hounds-tooth
An analog watch, click-clock
Restful aloofness

Sunday New York Times
Newsprint forces my focus
My weekend reward

Changing attitude
Glaciers are melting quicker
Sun accelerates

Emails reveal you
But how to craft the story
You don’t want written

I Greater than 3
Writing symbols of my love
Slash pony stream too

My messages lost
Disconnected and distraught
E-Mailbox baseball

This poem predicts
Our future, in love or war
Our fate in three lines

At night we’re apart
You wrapped in your phone, alone
Then wrap limbs by morn

I love you, you wrote
Report suspicious message?
No Google, trust it

Andrew Miller works as a journalist and writer in Columbus, OH. Recent creative work has been published in Frequencies Vol. 3, The Seldom Review, and Quiz&Quill. His first full-length book of essays, If Only the Names Were Changed, is scheduled for release by Civil Coping Mechanisms (2016).