Sleeping Alone Right Now Forever And Not At All by Leah Clancy



I can sleep forever
and never leave my apartment
unless I know someone loves me like I how love
fresh cut Christmas trees, confetti,
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, coffee with sugar and cream,
warm lighting and I don’t mean love
because that is something you can process
I mean the heart that’s beating I mean when you gather up
all the insides of yourself
and then it all drops
like kids jumping
in a moving elevator
I mean the body and its those impulses which give me urgency
and reality and a little bit of energy
guess what
there’s no mistake to be made here
Inside the rings of trees
are mandalas which we can’t see
God, I feel crazy, and so against showers
even though, well
no, I can take one tomorrow
or maybe the next day
sometimes some monks
arrange colored sand
in elaborate patterns
and let it blow away

Leah Clancy‘s work has been published on Electric Cereal, Revolver Mag, and more. You can find more of her previous work on Potluck Mag, an online arts journal which she co-founded and edits.