People In The World Trying To Be by Shane Kowalski

Poetry, Prose




There is I believe to be too many people in the world trying to be very good at something.

I try intensely not to be very good at anything.

People I know and people I don’t alike remark on my genius at being so totally beneath everyone’s level, it warms my heart.

One time a sandwich was placed in front of me but didn’t know how to eat it so I waited there until it did something. My friend with whom I was eating said with a laugh: You suck!

To be honest, I think it makes everyone feel better when they’re around me. They say, Look at this idiot. Thank goodness I am not this idiot. And then they walk away, feeling better that they are still not very good at the thing they wanted to be very good at.

I don’t blame them. I let them feel good about it. It gives me time to look at the trees. Those beautiful trees.


Shane Kowalski is a writer in Cornell University’s MFA program. He does Died Disappointed.