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T.S. Hidalgo
T.S. Hidalgo


T.S. Hidalgo was born in Madrid in 1971, and holds a BBA from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, an MBA from IE Business School, a Certificate in Management and the Arts from NYU and a Masters in Creative Writing from Hotel Kafka in Madrid, where he currently resides. His work has been published in periodicals widely, and as a novelist was a finalist at the Festival Eñe. He has developed a career in finance and the stock market. Here we feature one poem from him.


Dice and anesthesia

translated from Spanish by Ellison Moorehead


Today it was voted,
in the zillionth
Council of Ministers
after the thunder,
to resort to parchís*
in decision-making,
and the most absurd
of all of them,
given the magnitude of the patient,
given the magnitude of the wound,
(thanks to a complex
combination of dice and spaces):
to buy plastic forks
instead of laser beams.
Sound then light – and stenographers –,
that is,
marketing – anesthesia
for residents
of the Planet of the Rabbits;
a raincoat for Pilate
in the middle of the storm:
impromptu apprentice surgeons
with absolutely no auditors.

* Translator’s note: Parchís is a Spanish cross-and-circle boardgame.

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