Slides (Interpreted by Nancy) by Nancy Kangas

That party sounds fun

That party sounds fun.
I’m kind of here
for a bit. You guys go.


The quiet captains

The quiet captains of themselves savor
a soda fizz in the pockets of their cheeks
and consider the potency of spitting


I am doing a handstand

I am doing a handstand on my bike,
middle of the street, she’s there,
and she’s like oh my god
you wanna get popsicles



Even on ground firm as this,
even on sand soft as sugar,
the bottom can drop and you can not
want to go on. The sun will keep up
interrogations but you will say nothing
because of the kids.


Let's say goodbye

Let’s say goodbye as if
you will see me again


Nancy Kangas lives in Columbus, Ohio. Her poetry has been published in print and online, and for over a decade she edited Nancy’s Magazine. She writes and draws for Muse magazine, and often teaches poetry in residencies sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council. Nancy works as a cut-flower grower, florist and public librarian.