Ohio Edit Re-Edit 2016 by Donnie Boman



Drawing by Jon-Michael Frank
Art by Jon-Michael Frank


There was a consistency in what they said with small variations, a kind of collective mass awareness of the subject.

Disembodied headlamps and car parts confront the viewer like menacing mechanical bugs from another planet.

If babies drove cars
we’d need bigger roads

“I’m lost,” I said. “I can’t even find the name of the road I’m on.”

Someday I’ll purchase an interesting and cheap portion of land and probably live on it alone, I thought. I can’t say it’ll satisfy me because, pff, satisfaction is not in my future.

Inside this castle that we make
is a little bit of cocaine

But for the times when there is no help except the way in which an individual can turn her life around by changing her view of the world—in that moment, art can be a god.

Yet something has changed. I see love as the great leveller now.

It’s not about only one bear, there’s a lot of them. They haven’t accidentally drifted here, they are meant to bring life back to these mountains.

Don’t worry, the notebooks are all with the proper
authorities. Such little things make life, and buttonholes
let it seep out. It can happen in no time and now it’s over.

Even with just over a month to do in County, I can’t come off as a bitch. I know I might get pummeled but I don’t move.

I sleep well most nights because I’m worried most nights.

And who is to say
When we are here in our bed
That we are not
To rule
Because you refuse to rule us

And all of the sudden the characters’ heads became bowls, and there was a dick in the bowl.

Meanwhile we array our satisfied brains
flaccid and cool and semi-supine like a hammock
slung between two candy canes.

These strange creatures spent their days foraging for food and desirable reproductive qualities, while continually defecating on each other.

“It was nothing like you could imagine,” my co-worker said. “I ran out to the street and the earth moved in waves.”

Pretentiousness provides a justification for lying…

“They give you free cocktails when you play the one armed bandits,” he says. “Before you know it your eyes are cherries, lemons and sevens,” he says.

So much pleasure and winning of hair we’ll have, his hairpiece says while massaging its bulge, which may or may not be more hair.

Fantasy. Dressing up. Toys. Sometimes, talking about play can sound a lot like talking about sex.

From Cave Painting to now; it’s all in play everywhere at the same time.

Stuffed birds, small cat; illegal production of cheese.

The truth is that I didn’t know what a damsel in distress looked like.

So this girl messages me
do you want to hang out sometime.
So I look and see she actually has a boyfriend.
The boyfriend as it turns out is a reindeer.
And not only that, a metal display reindeer.

“Do you wanna gulp helium with me?”

I said “hang
out” not
“move in”

I took a solemn oath that morning that I have, in fact, kept: as long as I lived, whenever possible, I would have my clothes made in France.

My love is never shaped like I expect.

Thank God nothing meaningful can ever be accurately expressed.

I love you
*falls into abyss*

I always feel like reality is the best. I can’t make it up better then it already exists.

I’m still trying to figure out. Look
at the sky. It’s so big & so full of color.
Imagine if it fell. Imagine if it hurt.

This system is already dead; it just doesn’t know it.

If you stay long enough, you’ll
wave, too.


This 2016 re-edit comes from the following contributors (line by line): Michael M. Naydan, Chris Dorland, Nancy Kangas, Daniel Nester, Shane Kowalski, Nancy Kangas, Walter Robinson, Andrew Singer, Bogdan Suceavă, Matvei Yankelevich, Andrew Miller, Andrew Bomback, James Capozzi, Francis Waite, Erik Kennedy, Scott Navicky, Brianna Barnes, Andrew Bomback, Marcus Slease, Shane Kowalski, Morgan Leichter-Saxby, Jerry Saltz, Gilmore Tamny, Hobo Scumbag, Aaron Belz, Josh Lefkowitz, Nancy Kangas, Gilmore Tamny, Kevin Sampsell, Amy Fusselman, Sommer Browning, Brian Finke, Devin Kelly, Jerry Saltz, and Nate Logan.

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