Isaac Arvold Shows New Work at Greenpoint Hill

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Isaac Arvold
Isaac Arvold

“Later,” an exhibition of hand-drawn works on paper by Isaac Arvold, will be on view at Greenpoint Hill gallery, 100 Freeman Street in Brooklyn, from January 26 through March 26, with an opening reception on Thursday, January 26th 7-9pm.

We have enjoyed seeing your images the past year or so on IG. Can you tell us about this new work?

IA: A lot of this new work has been made or conceived by the idea of escape. I’ve been fortunate enough to get some traveling in this past year. During these travels I dedicated significant amounts of time to creating. This past June I found a great spot in Costa Rica. I Airbnb’d a little spot 100 meters off the coast and made my little beach shanty Studio. For the next 30 days I was drawing everyday at the beach 8-12 hours with a few dips in the ocean. For this show, I’ll be showing ink works on paper. The largest piece is 38.25″ x 50″, mid sized pieces at 22″ x 30″ and then some smaller works.

Senere, 22" x 30, Hand drawn ink on paper
Senere, 22″ x 30, ink on paper

What sort of response do you hope people have to these pieces?

IA: My hope is that people can get lost in them, maybe they can find my little nuances or their own.

If these were inspired by escape–what’s next? More escape?

IA: I think I will always make time for getting away and the “escape.” Right now is the time to be awake. We need to start taking more action as individuals. I feel this will be a driving force with my new works.

Are there other artists whose work you’re finding particularly inspiring now?

IA: Right now, off the top of my head Mikel Durlam, Mi Ju, Jean Pierre Roy, Max Kauffman, Christian Rex van Minnen, Melissa Cooke.


What would be your ideal place for your work to be shown?

IA: The Whitney would be cool, right?