Sadness by Shane Kowalski



Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest




Have you too been accosted by the sad flashing dogwalker?

He has been lurking in the night, under a moon rainy or not, flashing his entirely flaccid penis to men and women in the neighborhood, all while handling five or six slavering dogs on leashes.

There is no one else to walk the dogs, which is why his reign continues.

It is strange and frightening circumstances. These days are not right. He appears so sad flashing himself. It is as if the object of danger and offense switches from his visible, flaccid penis to his visibly faced sadness. What person in his position of outrageous power has the right to be so deeply and endlessly sad?

Even in such times, when they are burn-hanging third-borns and malforms in the more superstitious towns, a person like that can sour dreams of a better life.


Shane Kowalski lives in Ithaca, NY. He does