Celebrating a Year of @butter_toe !!

Exactly one year ago I opened an anonymous Instagram account and started posting pictures I took on the subway. Now one year later, and no longer¬†anonymous, I’ve posted over 1,200 pictures.

I didn’t think my little Instagram experiment would go anywhere and felt that I would probably get tired of taking pictures of people in the subway and posting them (which, to some extent, I have – or, rather, I have moved out of the subway into the streets just as often as taking the subway pictures). But I look back at the first 100 pictures and the last 100 pictures and see an evolution. I’ve learned (a bit) how to play and experiment more with my photos and in selection and in cropping and posting them. I think there’s still a “butter_toe” style throughout, but I think I’ve moved forward (or sometimes sideways, and sometimes a step backwards, too) along this path. (What is “butter_toe” style? You tell me.)

-Donnie Boman







Photo May 17, 2 25 11 AM (2)






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2017-05-17 02-16-31 0ad8116e


2017-05-17 02-15-38 41dac722


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2017-05-17 02-17-09 9d553288