Poems for Women by Isabel Martin



Isabel Martin. Photo by Heather Wagner.


Science Fiction


To the men:


What if you woke up one morning
To find that there were lots and lots of
Large creatures roaming outside
That looked like you,
Only bigger
And more violent


What if you went outside
And these creatures,
These large violent creatures,
Shouted at you
As you walked down the street


Or else crossed the street
Getting right up in your face
Expecting you to move for them
As they looked down at you


What if these creatures
Sat down next to you
On trains and buses
And pushed you against cold walls
And into corners
Expecting you
To make yourself small


What if these creatures
Stared at you all day long
Looking you up and down
Assessing you,
Making comments
About your assorted
Body parts


What if these creatures
Looked at the parts
Of your body
As if they wanted to
Devour you
To consume you


What if these creatures
Grabbed at you
Between the legs, or grabbed at
Your ass and chest
Or pushed you down
And pulled your hair


What if they sometimes
Rode up on a bicycle
And put their hands on you
And rode away


What if they waited when you
Grabbed for your keys
And pushed you inside
And muffled your screams


What if you went home to rest
After a day of being bullied
By the creatures
The large violent creatures
Wherever you went,
Job, school, or leisure,
And you went to bed
And you tried to forget


But what if you woke up
The next morning
Looked out your window,
And saw
That the creatures were still there
Roaming the streets
That they were your boss,
Your teachers,
The stranger on the street,
And you realized
That you would have to
Face them again
And every day

For the rest of your life–


Which trains to take
Which way to walk
Which bars to frequent
Which hours of the day
To go out
And avoid
To try
To reduce the violence.





My breasts
Feel like pumpkins
Packed with explosives


Jiggle jiggle
I walk to the bathroom
Jiggle jiggle
I’m on a short





I call my vagina
man cave.



Isabel Martin was born in Austin Texas and lives in Brooklyn, New York.  Poems for Women is her first poetry chapbook and is available by emailing her directly at isabelmartinmusic at gmail.