Slides (Interpreted by Nancy) by Nancy Kangas


Honey I forgot the passcode.

This is probably going to mean

we’re not going to make it

to Louise’s thing this afternoon.




I can’t shake the feeling

that my probation officer

is watching me




She’s crying! No wait. She’s just staring.

But she doesn’t have the sash on!

What did she do with the sash?

I don’t think she wants to be Miss Clearlake.

Why does she not want to be Miss Clearlake?

Now she’s crying.




Hey I just made up this song


Fitsy roo, fittily fjord.

Let me be your candy store.

Shop me pay me leave me love me

Love me love me love me




I decided to pretend

I have only one life

and in it

I would be a young king.




Nancy Kangas’s poetry has appeared in print and online journals and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She began her writing life editing Nancy’s Magazine and now writes humor for Muse magazine. She loves leading poetry workshops and does so often. Nancy is the co-director of Preschool Poets, a series of animated films based on poems composed by her students.