by Gilmore Tamny

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Gilmore Tamny has done no less than reinvent the haiku form for contemporary readers in HAIKU4U. Irreverent, reverent, whimsical, philosophical, and short, these poems are not just for people who like poetry, nor for people who avoid poetry. They are, dear reader, for YOU.

Perfect-bound trade paper, 64 pages


In these apocalyptic end-times, I recommend reading twenty of Ms. Tamny’s haikus every day to remind yourself that humankind is still, in certain rare instances, redeemable. May god bless her! –Daniel Clowes, cartoonist, graphic novelist, illustrator, screenwriter and author of Patience, Wilson, Ghost World, Eightball and other books

Frequently stepping into her own scenes to interject camp commentary as a kind of arch, gently self-deprecating presence, she has developed a way to simultaneously celebrate and satirize the conventions of the the haiku form itself, drawing attention to what we expect of it, while in the process making something that feels fresh and new. –Trace Peterson, Author of Since I Moved In & Co-Editor of Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics

Gilmore Tamny has taken haiku by the horns and pulled it into the 21st century. She populates her 17-syllable masterpieces with Fritos, pit bulls, punk rock, baklava, chicken parm subs, and Usain Bolt. HAIKU4U is a poetic manual that reminds us that honesty, clarity, and humor are the keys to embracing the minute particulars of daily life. –Todd Colby, artist and poet

Whether you’re wearing your new squirrel dress or your carapace, Gilmore Tamny’s tiny, multi-faceted poems will delight you. –Jessy Randall, author of How To Tell If You Are Human

Gilmore Tamny brings her vast experience being a rock star to bare with this ancient, and beautiful form. And what emerges is perfect, like infinite taco emojis. –Jim Behrle, author of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone




Gilmore Tamny is a writer, musician, and artist living in Somerville, MA. Her poems, stories, essays, interviews, and artwork have appeared both online and in print and she regularly produces ‘zines. She plays with the band Weather Weapon as well is spokesmodel for The Mystery, which by way of loop pedal, poetry, and cheap theatrics, provides both entertainment and an invocation to eternity simultaneously. She is a committed artiste, feminist, rawk fan, old master painting fangirl, mystery story fiend, audio book junkie as well as enthusiastic Girls Rock Camp Boston volunteer.

Learn more about The Mystery here, here, and here.

Order HAIKU4U now from: SPD | Amazon