You may very well be wondering, “Is this MY DAYS with MILLICENT, a novel serialized in delicious snack-sized portions from the mighty mighty, for me, or someone I know?”

Perhaps the following will assist you in answering this question before taking any further steps.

If you are:
• inclined to tales of repressed British ladies, particularly those who admire and obsessively envy their unrepressed counterparts
• suffering from raging and untreated Anglophilia
• intrigued by the idea of a western disguised as a mystery
• attracted to the dreariness of post-WWII London

Or, if you like stories about:
• murder
• unlikely persons who become advice columnists
• those who experiment with frivolity as others are often described experimenting with drugs
• are interested in the idea of a character hiding morally in plain sight

Or, further, have shown inclinations to stories featuring:
• merrily vicious religion-mad elderly housekeepers
• surprisingly hideous and unromantic ancestral manor homes
• a great deal of rumination
• characters who stare deep into the yawning maw of the universe’s meaninglessness and are unmoved
• lingering vacations in the South of France
• the appearance of dangerously handsome polyglot translator ne’er do wells as love interests

If you admire or feel a certain sympathy with those that admire:
• Anita Brookner
• Daphne DuMaurier
• Hitchcock films
• Barbara Pym

Can tolerate:
• occasionally lawless and erratic punctuation
• protracted inner monologues
• a dun-colored cardigan essentially having the role of a minor character
• vexing overuse of the word “circumspect”

…then MY DAYS with MILLICENT may be for YOU.

All material copyright Gilmore Tamny.

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